Arrasate leaves Osasuna at the end of the season.

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Jagoba Arrasate announces his retirement as coach of Osasuna at the end of this season.

Jagoba Arrasate tearfully confirmed he will leave Osasuna when the season ends. After working as the trainer of the Roquillo team for 6 years, according to a report from UFABET on Tuesday last. 

Arrasate took over as Osasuna’s coach in the summer of 2018 and helped the Roquillos to Liga promotion as Segunda champions that season and into the country’s top flight. Until now He also led the famous Pamplona team to reach the final of the Copa del Rey last season before losing to Real Madrid with a score of 1-2.

The 45-year-old has decided to leave Osasuna after his contract expires this summer. While club president Luis Sabalza and sporting director Veralio Vazquez could only say thank you. Although they wanted him to stay, Arrasate chose to leave on his own.

‘I have decided not to extend my contract. It was a complicated decision, as you can imagine. I feel comfortable with myself. I’m not completely convinced. If I don’t get the best from myself It was difficult. I thank everyone thank you for everything These are difficult times, no one is at fault, there is nothing more to say,’ said the 45-year-old trainer.

Arrasate also described working as Osasuna’s coach as the most beautiful time of his life, saying: ‘I will never find another club like this. I will never find support like this again. I’m glad to be here. But I have to be honest. And I think it’s time. And it’s best not to pull anything out.’

‘Finally, when one door closes Another door opened. I must be a selfish person too. And so does the club.’